Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Is your business facility due for an upgrade? Perfect! SRS-Builders is not only one of the top residential contractors in the Palm Desert area - we also specialize in commercial construction and general contracting.

With our highly trained professional team, SRS-Builders can upgrade your business property. Here is a brief list of projects we can assist you with.

  • Hotels - SRS-Builders has remodeled many multi-unit structures to make them perfect for hotel operations. If you are looking for hotel remodeling, give the team at SRS-Builders a call - we understand the infrastructure best suited for hotel functionality.
  • Restaurants - The professionals at SRS-Builders are ready to take on your restaurant projects. No matter the scale of the project, SRS-Builders will help you take your restaurant to the next level and improve its efficiency by designing, building or remodeling your restaurant facility.
  • Multifamily properties - Whether you need a duplex or triplex remodeled, or you're looking to build a new apartment complex, SRS-Builders can do it all. Call us today at 760-674-9000. Our professionals understand how to get you the best quality of materials while keeping costs low.

Improving Your Atmosphere


If you're looking for a way to separate your restaurant from the rest,SRS-Builders will get the job done. Our remodeling contractor will talk to you about potential add-ons, including:

A patio
A larger dining room
A bigger kitchen
A larger lobby
A more comfortable waiting area

We can update your current location in a way that will have people talking while keeping any disruptions to your business to a minimum. Take your restaurant to the next level by contacting SRS-Builders today in the Palm Desert, CA area.


No matter the scale of the project, SRS-Builders has the talent to get the job done right. We are experienced in restaurant construction from the ground up, so trust that we can bring your idea to life. From design through construction to the time your first meal is served, our contractors will get your business set up on a solid foundation. Contact SRS-Builders today to discuss your new restaurant.