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Are you in the Palm Desert, Palm Springs or Coachella Valley area and looking for a team of professionals to build your home from the ground up, or take your house to the next level with a remodel? The professionals at SRS-Builders focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, design and project management, and new home construction. Every project is completed successfully. SRS-Builders is comprised of qualified experts who work hard to protect your investment while transforming your home.

We protect your investment.

Local residents and business owners in the Coachella Valley commend SRS-Builders for the level of "pre-prep" work we do. Before we begin a project, SRS-Builders cover all furniture, décor and belongings while walling off the work area. Our dedication to your protection is far superior to that of other contractors. It is safe to say SRS-Builders take the extra step in your protection. Choose SRS-Builders.

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